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HarcoSemco LLC, has been in business since 1965, is a publicly traded company and operates out of two modern facilities: 52,000 square feet in Branford, CT and our 27,000 square foot facility in Nogales, Mexico.


.: HarcoSemco has overall expertise in design, development, testing and production of:

 .: Speed sensors (magnetic reluctance & Hall Effect)
 .: Immersion Thermocouples
 .: Integral Rigid Thermocouple Assemblies
 .: Flexible Thermocouple Assemblies
 .: Resistance Temperature Sensors (RTD's)
 .: Aircraft Brake Temperature Sensors
 .: Temperature System Measurement Assemblies and Accessories
 .: Engine Wiring Harnesses & Assemblies (Cable, Electronic & Electromechanical)
 .: Airframe Wiring Harnesses & Assemblies (Cable, Electronic & Electromechanical)
 .: Engine Electronic and Electromechanical Assemblies

 .: Airframe Electronic and Electromechanical Assemblies
 .: Mineral Insulated Cable - SEMPAK ® & SEMFLEX ®
 .: Hi-Rel Metal Sheathed, Mineral Insulated Coaxial Electric Heaters