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Quality Management

EUROPEAN AVIATION SAFETY AGENCY ENAC - Ente Nazionale Aviazione CivileTuev Sued





Part Number Model Number Description 
00009M-01      00009M-01      Packaged as 00009M-03          RFQ
00009M-03      00009M-03      RING,RTNG (10/PK) 00009M-01 RFQ
00009M-09      00009M-09      RING,RTNG (10/PK) MS16633-5009 RFQ
00023M-07      00023M-07      SCREW,TPG (10/PK)   MS24650-11 RFQ
00023M-08      00023M-08      SCREW,TPG (10/PK)            RFQ
00023M-09      00023M-09      **OBSOLETE** USE KIT 00023M-08 RFQ
00043M-01      00043M-01      Packaged as 40688G-09          RFQ
00044M-01      00044M-01      GROMMET,RUBBER     MS35489-33 RFQ
00044M-02      00044M-02      GROMMET,RUBBER     MS35489-64 RFQ
00070M-03      00070M-03      Packaged as 40688G-40          RFQ
00073M-01      00073M-01      Packaged as 40688G-41          RFQ
00080M-01      00080M-01      Packaged as 18352G-01          RFQ
00080M-04      00080M-04      Packaged as 18352G-03          RFQ
00080M-05      00080M-05      Packaged as 18352G-04          RFQ
00080M-06      00080M-06      Packaged as 18352G-05          RFQ
00080M-07      00080M-07      Packaged as 18352G-12          RFQ
00080M-08      00080M-08      Packaged as 18352G-15          RFQ
00080M-09      00080M-09      Packaged as 18352G-14          RFQ
00080M-10      00080M-10      Packaged as 18352G-19          RFQ
00080M-11      00080M-11      Packaged as 18352G-17          RFQ
00083M-01      00083M-01      Packaged as 18352G-02          RFQ
00083M-03      00083M-03      Packaged as 18352G-08          RFQ
00083M-04      00083M-04      Packaged as 18352G-21          RFQ
00084M-03      00084M-03      CONNECTOR,ELEC   MS3102R14S-9P RFQ
00084M-04      00084M-04      CONNECTOR,ELEC   MS3102R14S-2S RFQ
00084M-05      00084M-05      CONNECTOR,ELEC   MS3102R14S-6S RFQ
00084M-07      00084M-07      CONNECTOR,ELEC   MS3102R14S-9S RFQ
00084M-09      00084M-09      CONNECTOR,ELEC   MS3102R14S-6P RFQ
00116M-01      00116M-01      Replaced by 13238P-01          RFQ
00121M-01      00121M-01      CONNECTOR,ELEC MS3102R14S-5S RFQ
00122M-01      00122M-01      Packaged as 18352G-07          RFQ
00125M-02      00125M-02      Packaged as 18352G-09          RFQ
00125M-03      00125M-03      Packaged as 18352G-10          RFQ
00125M-04      00125M-04      Packaged as 18352G-11          RFQ
00125M-05      00125M-05      Packaged as 18352G-13          RFQ
00125M-06      00125M-06      Packaged as 18352G-18          RFQ
00126M-01      00126M-01      Packaged as 18352G-16          RFQ
00126M-02      00126M-02      Packaged as 18352G-22          RFQ
01069G-01      HSC-61C        HEADSET-MIC SHIELD HSC-61C    RFQ
04012G-01      M5002          JACK PLATE,VOICE PWR     M5002 RFQ
04016G-08      C35-15          MIC CONTROL & CORD ASSY C35-15 RFQ
04016G-10      C35-26          MIC CONTROL & CORD ASSY C35-26 RFQ
04016G-11      C35-30          MIC CONTROL & CORD ASSY C35-30 RFQ
04016G-13      C35-16          MIC CONTROL & CORD ASSY C35-16 RFQ
04016G-14      C35-08          MIC CONTROL & CORD ASSY C35-08 RFQ
06504G-03      9AN/2 LOCA      PROTECTOR,SND,AURAL 9AN/2 CIV RFQ
09059P-07      09059P-07      CONN HSG 6 CKTS 24 GA NATURAL RFQ
09059P-08      09059P-08      CONN HSG 2 CKTS 24 GA NATURAL RFQ
09059P-10      09059P-10      CONN HSG 2 CKTS 28 GA GREEN    RFQ
09059P-12      09059P-12      CONN HSG 3 CKTS 28 GA GREEN    RFQ
09143P-26      09143P-26      CASE,CARRY           PACKAGED RFQ
09143P-39      09143P-39      Packaged as 40688G-08          RFQ
09168P-01      09168P-01      Packaged as 09168P-18          RFQ
09168P-02      09168P-02      Replaced by 12908G-01          RFQ
09168P-08      09168P-08      Packaged as 09168P-20          RFQ
09168P-09      09168P-09      Packaged as 09168P-27          RFQ
09168P-14      09168P-14      Packaged as 09168P-26          RFQ
09168P-18      M-87            MICROPHONE,M87/AIC   9168P-01 RFQ
09168P-20      09168P-20      MICROPHONE,M101/AIC   9168P-08 RFQ
09168P-21      M-3            Replaced by 18762G-02          RFQ
09168P-22      09168P-22      Packaged as 09168P-51          RFQ
09168P-26      09168P-26      VOICE POWERED ELEMENT,MIC SIDE RFQ
09168P-27      09168P-27      MIC, M-101 150 OHMS 9168P-09 RFQ
09168P-30      09168P-30      Packaged as 09168P-31          RFQ
09168P-31      M-7/DC          MICROPHONE,EL M-7/DC 09168P-30 RFQ
09168P-32      09168P-32      Packaged as 09168P-33          RFQ
09168P-33      M-7A            MICROPHONE,ELEC M-7A 9168P-32 RFQ
09168P-34      09168P-34      Packaged as 09168P-35          RFQ
09168P-35      M-77            MICROPHONE,ELEC M-77 09168P-34 RFQ
09168P-41      09168P-41      MICROPHONE M-101 TYPE 25 OHM RFQ
09168P-42      09168P-42      MIC,M101 STYLE,150 OHM        RFQ
09168P-43      09168P-43      Packaged as 09168P-57          RFQ
09168P-43-DC    09168P-43-DC    Packaged as 09168P-57          RFQ
09168P-44      09168P-44      MICROPHONE,ELECTRET,AMP M-170 RFQ
09168P-51      09168P-51      MICROPHONE M-87 150 09168P-56 RFQ
09168P-56      09168P-56      MIC,M87 150 OHM,IMMERSION PRF RFQ
09168P-57      09168P-57      MICROPHONE,M-77/DC   09168P-43 RFQ
09168P-66      09168P-66      MIC,ELECT. M-55 PKG 09168P-61 RFQ
09170P-17      09170P-17      Packaged as 18900G-03          RFQ
09226P-01      09226P-01      CONNECTOR,ELEC U173/U          RFQ
09226P-02      09226P-02      CONNECTOR,ELEC U174/U          RFQ
09227P-02      09227P-02      CONNECTOR,EL 2P3018          RFQ
09227P-03      09227P-03      CONNECTOR,EL SC 2P3089        RFQ
09227P-07      09227P-07      CONNECTOR,ELEC 440X          RFQ
09227P-09      09227P-09      CONNECTOR,ELEC 2P-1404        RFQ
09227P-11      09227P-11      CONNECTOR,ELEC U93A/U          RFQ
09227P-12      09227P-12      CONNECTOR,ELEC U75/U          RFQ
09227P-13      09227P-13      CONNECTOR,ELEC U77/UG1-3      RFQ
09227P-18      09227P-18      Packaged as 14120P-06          RFQ
09227P-21      09227P-21      CONNECTOR,ELEC U384/U          RFQ
09227P-25      09227P-25      CONNECTOR,ELEC M642/9-1        RFQ
09227P-41      09227P-41      CONNECTOR,ELEC 227            RFQ
09227P-42      09227P-42      CONNECTOR,ELEC M642/4-3        RFQ
09227P-48      09227P-48      CONNECTOR,ELEC MTRLA 2816370  RFQ
09227P-55      09227P-55      CONNECTOR,EL SR30-10PE(74)    RFQ
09227P-59      09227P-59      CONNECTOR,ELEC SR30-10PE-4P    RFQ
09227P-64      09227P-64      CONNECTOR,ELEC 19A703687G1    RFQ
09227P-65      09227P-65      CONNECTOR,ELEC MP103          RFQ
09227P-66      09227P-66      CONNECTOR,ELEC NC4MX          RFQ
09227P-70      09227P-70      CONNECTOR,ELEC HR10A-7P-6P(02) RFQ
09227P-80      09227P-80      CONNECTOR,ELEC 4 PIN 09CL4M  RFQ
09227P-81      09227P-81      CONNECTOR,ELEC 5 PIN 12CL5M  RFQ
09227P-83      09227P-83      CONNECTOR,ELEC 4 PIN 09YL3M  RFQ
09227P-84      09227P-84      CONNECTOR,ELEC 5 PIN 12YL5M  RFQ
09227P-85      09227P-85      CONNECTOR,ELEC 5 PIN TA5FLX  RFQ
09227P-89      09227P-89      CONNECTOR,ELEC 8 PIN 30-513  RFQ
09227P-96      09227P-96      CONNECTOR,EL. 6 CONTACT PLUG  RFQ
09228P-02      09228P-02      CONNECTOR,ELEC M641/6-1        RFQ
09228P-03      09228P-03      CONNECTOR,EL 2J1950 (12B)      RFQ
09228P-05      09228P-05      CONNECTOR,ELEC 133            RFQ
09228P-06      09228P-06      CONNECTOR,ELEC 6J-1077        RFQ
09228P-07      09228P-07      CONNECTOR,ELEC U-172/U        RFQ
09228P-08      09228P-08      CONNECTOR,EL (M641/4-1) 820    RFQ
09228P-15      09228P-15      CONNECTOR,ELEC U-92A/U        RFQ
09228P-17      09228P-17      CONNECTOR,ELEC TJ-120          RFQ
09228P-21      09228P-21      CONNECTOR,ELEC 88              RFQ
09228P-23      09228P-23      CONNECTOR,ELEC U-179A/U        RFQ
09228P-24      09228P-24      CONNECTOR,ELEC 1238            RFQ
09228P-25      09228P-25      CONNECTOR,ELEC U385/U 5 COND RFQ
09228P-30      09228P-30      CONNECTOR,ELEC A4M            RFQ
09228P-41      09228P-41      CONNECTOR,ELEC SC128          RFQ
09228P-42      09228P-42      CONNECTOR,ELEC S830            RFQ
09228P-43      09228P-43      CONNECTOR,ELEC U-61/U          RFQ
09228P-45      09228P-45      CONNECTOR,ELEC A689            RFQ
09228P-53      09228P-53      CONNECTOR,ELEC TJT120          RFQ
09228P-55      09228P-55      CONNECTOR,ELEC N-111          RFQ
09228P-58      09228P-58      CONNECTOR,ELEC TB5M            RFQ
09228P-62      09228P-62      CONNECTOR,EL.SR30-10R-6S(71)  RFQ
09228P-64      09228P-64      CONNECTOR,ELEC NC4FX          RFQ
09228P-69      09228P-69      CONNECTOR,ELEC NL111          RFQ
09228P-72      09228P-72      CONNECTOR,ELEC 61HA5FX 5 SKT RFQ
09228P-73      09228P-73      CONNECTOR,EL. SR30-10JE-6S(72) RFQ
09228P-74      09228P-74      CONNECTOR,ELEC N-112B          RFQ
09228P-75      09228P-75      CONNECTOR,ELEC 30-512 8 PIN  RFQ
09228P-81      09228P-81      CONNECTOR,ELEC MN112BX        RFQ
09228P-88      09228P-88      CONNECTOR,ELEC U79/U          RFQ
09228P-93      09228P-93      CONNECTOR,EL.HR10A-10R-10S(71) RFQ
09228P-94      09228P-94      CONNECTOR,EL.HR10A-7P-6S(73)  RFQ
09228P-95      09228P-95      CONNECTOR,EL HR10A-10J-10S(73) RFQ
09228P-97      09228P-97      Packaged as 40688G-86          RFQ
09228P-98      09228P-98      CONNECTOR,EL.NATO JACK W/COVER RFQ
09271P-01HA000 09271P-01HA000 CORD,EL 4 COND 24 GA .3 OD BLK RFQ
09271P-13HA000 09271P-13HA000 CORD,EL 6 COND 26 GA BLK      RFQ
09271P-15HA000 09271P-15HA000 CORD,EL,SHLD 4 X 28 GA .170 OD RFQ
09271P-18HA000 09271P-18HA000 CORD,EL,SHLD 4 X 24 GA .250 OD RFQ
09271P-19HA000 09271P-19HA000 CORD,EL,SHLD 4 X 28 GA .170 OD RFQ
09271P-20HA000 09271P-20HA000 CORD,EL SHLD 8 X 24 GA .200 OD RFQ
09271P-21HA000 09271P-21HA000 CORD,EL,SHLD 6 X 28 GA .180 OD RFQ
09271P-22HA000 09271P-22HA000 CORD,EL,SHLD 4 X 28 GA .175 OD RFQ
09271P-28HA000 09271P-28HA000 CORD,EL,SHLD 5 COND            RFQ
09271P-31HA000 09271P-31HA000 CORD,EL,SHLD 7 COND   .185 OD RFQ
09271P-35HA000 09271P-35HA000 CORD,ELEC. 6 COND. .260 O.D. RFQ
09271P-38HA000 09271P-38HA000 CORD,EL,SHLD 8 COND.   .240 OD RFQ
09271P-44HA000 09271P-44HA000 CORD,ELEC,SHLD. 6 COND .215 OD RFQ
09277P-14HA000 09277P-14HA000 CORD,COIL,SH 5FT R,G,B,W      RFQ
09292P-01      09292P-01      EARPHONE,COMM H-143/AIC        RFQ
09292P-03      09292P-03      Packaged as 10376G-07          RFQ
09292P-04      09292P-04      Packaged as 10376G-05          RFQ
09292P-18      09292P-18      EARPHONE,COMM SEE STANDARDS    RFQ
09292P-24      09292P-24      Packaged as 10376G-29          RFQ
09292P-28      09292P-28      Replaced by 10376G-51          RFQ
09292P-44      09292P-44      Packaged as 10376G-37          RFQ
09297P-15      09297P-15      Packaged as 40688G-05          RFQ
09347P-15      09347P-15      KNOB .750D .250 HOLE BLACK    RFQ
09347P-17      09347P-17      KNOB,2 PC,CONCENTRIC          RFQ
09347P-22      09347P-22      KNOB,VOLUME CONTROL BLACK    RFQ
09349P-28      09349P-28      RESISTOR,VARIABLE 100 OHMS    RFQ
09349P-30      09349P-30      RESISTOR,VAR 5000 OHMS WTRPRF RFQ
09349P-33      09349P-33      RESISTOR,VAR 100 OHMS        RFQ
09349P-34      09349P-34      RESISTOR,VAR   1000 OHMS      RFQ
09349P-35      09349P-35      RESISTOR,VAR W/SWITCH 10K OHMS RFQ
09349P-37      09349P-37      RESISTOR,VAR 10000 OHMS      RFQ
09349P-39      09349P-39      RESISTOR,VAR 100 OHMS        RFQ
09349P-40      09349P-40      RESISTOR,VARIABLE 4.7K OHM    RFQ
09349P-41      09349P-41      RESISTOR,VAR 5K OHMS   1/2W    RFQ
09349P-43      09349P-43      RESISTOR,VAR 2500 OHMS DETENT RFQ
09349P-47      09349P-47      POTENTIOMETER KNOB 100 OHMS    RFQ
09349P-49      09349P-49      RESISTOR,VAR 1K LINEAR TAPER  RFQ
09349P-57      09349P-57      POTENTIOMETER KNOB 220 0HMS    RFQ
09349P-58      09349P-58      RESISTOR,VAR 1K OHMS DETENT    RFQ
09361P-04      09361P-04      GROMMET 3/16 IDX 5/16 THK      RFQ
09361P-09      09361P-09      Packaged as 18900G-10          RFQ
09361P-13      09361P-13      Packaged as 40688G-39          RFQ
09362P-08      09362P-08      SEMICOND DEVICE,IC LM-1877N-9 RFQ
09363P-29      09363P-29      TRANSFORMER 12 TO 7.5K OHMS  RFQ
09363P-34      09363P-34      TRANSFORMER,AUDIO              RFQ
09384P-07      09384P-07      Packaged as 18900G-61          RFQ
09384P-10      09384P-10      FITTING,CABLE STRAIN RELIEF    RFQ
09394P-23      09394P-23      Packaged as 18900G-44          RFQ
09407P-10HA000 09407P-10HA000 CORD,COIL W/CONN-MTRLA 18' EXT RFQ
09407P-15HA000 09407P-15HA000 CORD,COIL SH 15"/6 FT .170 OD RFQ
09407P-17HA000 09407P-17HA000 CORD,COIL,SH 36"/15 FT .170 OD RFQ
09407P-18HA000 09407P-18HA000 CORD,COIL,SH 48"/25 FT .170 OD RFQ
09407P-20HA000 09407P-20HA000 CORD,COIL SEE STANDARDS        RFQ
09407P-21HA000 09407P-21HA000 CORD,COIL,SH 15"/6 FT .175 OD RFQ
09407P-26HA000 09407P-26HA000 CORD,COIL,SH 28"/12 FT .175 OD RFQ
09407P-35HA000 09407P-35HA000 CORD,COIL W/CONNECTOR-SABER    RFQ
09407P-49HA000 09407P-49HA000 CORD,COIL W/CONN - CB-PW0531DC RFQ
09459P-08      09459P-08      Packaged as 18900G-06          RFQ
09460P-37      09460P-37      Packaged as 18900G-11          RFQ
09460P-40      09460P-40      Packaged as 40688G-17          RFQ
09460P-46      09460P-46      Packaged as 18900G-23          RFQ
09461P-07HA000 09461P-07HA000 CORD, ELEC 8 COND              RFQ
09461P-08JA000 09461P-08JA000 CORD,ELEC,SHLD 8 COND, 20 AWG RFQ
09464P-10      09464P-10      RING,RETAINING 10/PK 09464P-09 RFQ
09472P-07      09472P-07      Packaged as 09472P-08          RFQ
09472P-08      09472P-08      Packaged as 18900G-86          RFQ
09472P-09      09472P-09      Packaged as 18900G-86          RFQ
09486P-04      09486P-04      Packaged as 18900G-38          RFQ
09486P-09      09486P-09      FUSE                 1A        RFQ
09486P-14      09486P-14      FUSE   (10/PKG)     09486P-13 RFQ
09487P-07      09487P-07      HOLDER,FUSE,DRPPRF 3AG TYPE  RFQ
09487P-09      09487P-09      Packaged as 18900G-38          RFQ
09492P-02      09492P-02      LIGHT INDICATOR     GREEN      RFQ
09493P-01      09493P-01      LAMP,INCAND 28 V .04 AMPS      RFQ
09494P-14      09494P-14      Replaced by 09494P-22          RFQ
09494P-22      09494P-22      Replaced by 09494P-23          RFQ
09494P-23      09494P-23      SWITCH,TOGGLE DPDT            RFQ
09494P-24      09494P-24      SWITCH,TOGGLE 4PDT            RFQ
09494P-25      09494P-25      SWITCH,TOGGLE SPDT MINTR SP    RFQ
09494P-28      09494P-28      SWITCH,TOGGLE DPDT            RFQ
09494P-30      09494P-30      SWITCH,TOGGLE SPDT LOCKING    RFQ
09494P-33      09494P-33      SWITCH,TOGGLE DPDT SUBMIN      RFQ
09494P-37      09494P-37      SWITCH,TOGGLE DPDT            RFQ
09495P-01      09495P-01      Packaged as 18900G-34          RFQ
09495P-14      09495P-14      Packaged as 18900G-35          RFQ
09496P-13      09496P-13      POTENTIOMETER 10K OHMS        RFQ
09496P-18      09496P-18      POTENTIOMETER,DUAL W/ CNTRL SW RFQ
09498P-13      09498P-13      Packaged as 18900G-43          RFQ
09498P-56      09498P-56      Packaged as 18900G-46          RFQ
09500P-10      09500P-10      SWITCH, RTRY 1 POLE, 1-10 POS RFQ
09500P-16      09500P-16      SWITCH,RTRY 3 POLE,   2 POS    RFQ
09506P-14      09506P-14      Packaged as 18900G-24          RFQ
09510P-14      09510P-14      Packaged as 18900G-61          RFQ
09510P-15      09510P-15      Packaged as 40688G-78          RFQ
09518P-01      09518P-01      COVER,JACK 3/8-32 N/GREY      RFQ
09518P-04      09518P-04      COVER,JACK 3/8-32 BLACK        RFQ
09518P-05      09518P-05      Replaced by 15354P-01          RFQ
09518P-06      09518P-06      COVER,JACK .688"   BLACK      RFQ
09520P-06      09520P-06      PLATE,COVER 4 GANG 97004DDDD  RFQ
09523P-27      09523P-27      Packaged as 40688G-31          RFQ
09524P-13      09524P-13      WASHER,SPG TENS ST 6 5/8      RFQ
09555P-02      09555P-02      Packaged as 09555P-64          RFQ
09555P-20      09555P-20      Packaged as 40688G-14          RFQ
09555P-21      09555P-21      Packaged as 18900G-27          RFQ
09555P-26      09555P-26      Packaged as 18900G-25          RFQ
09555P-36      09555P-36      Packaged as 18900G-21          RFQ
09555P-57      09555P-57      SCREW,PH(10 PK) 09555P-55      RFQ
09555P-58      09555P-58      SCREW,FH (10 PK) 09555P-53    RFQ
09555P-59      09555P-59      SCREW,FH (10 PK) 09555P-54    RFQ
09555P-64      09555P-64      SCREW,M,CR 10 PK OF 09555P-02 RFQ
09562P-68HA000 09562P-68HA000 TUBING,HT SHR 3/8 ID C8301    RFQ
09565P-16      09565P-16      0-RING (10 PK) 09565P-14      RFQ
09592P-05      09592P-05      Packaged as 40688G-26          RFQ
09592P-07      09592P-07      Packaged as 18900G-09          RFQ
09597P-47      09597P-47      SCR,M SL FH 6-32X1/4          RFQ
09598P-98      09598P-98      Packaged as 18900G-02          RFQ
09598P-99      09598P-99      SCR,M,FH 10/PKG   09601P-73    RFQ
09686P-15      09686P-15      Packaged as 18900G-05          RFQ
09688P-51      09688P-51      PKG,PRE .362X.103     2-110 RFQ
09696P-06      09696P-06      Packaged as 18900G-62          RFQ
09815P-02HA000 09815P-02HA000 CORD,ELEC 2 COND   BLACK      RFQ
09815P-17HA000 09815P-17HA000 CORD,EL,SHLD 2X26 GA .140 R/W RFQ
09815P-18HA000 09815P-18HA000 CORD,EL,SHLD 2X26 GA .140 B/G RFQ
09815P-20HA000 09815P-20HA000 CORD,EL,SHLD 2X20 GA .250 R/B RFQ
09815P-22HA000 09815P-22HA000 CORD,EL,SHLD 2X28 GA .110 R/W RFQ
09815P-26HA000 09815P-26HA000 CORD,ELEC 2X20 GA .250 R/B  RFQ
09829P-43HA000 09829P-43HA000 WIRE,ELEC 24 AWG       BLACK RFQ
09847P-07      09847P-07      BOOM,MICROPHONE ULTRA LTWT    RFQ
09849P-03      09849P-03      RELAY 2 AMP DIP                RFQ
09849P-06      09849P-06      RELAY 2 AMP   4PDT 12V        RFQ
09851P-04      09851P-04      SWITCH,ELEC,MOMENTARY          RFQ
09851P-06      09851P-06      SWITCH,PB,ILLUMINATED          RFQ
09851P-17      09851P-17      SWITCH,PUSHBUTTON 6A SPDT      RFQ
09851P-18      09851P-18      SWITCH,ROCKER, 3PDT          RFQ
09851P-19      09851P-19      SWITCH,SPDT,LOCK ON            RFQ
09851P-20      09851P-20      SWITCH,DPDT,MOMENTARY          RFQ
09851P-21      09851P-21      SWITCH,PB,ILLUM,SPST WHITE    RFQ
09851P-24      09851P-24      SWITCH,PB,SPDT,MOMEN   BLK    RFQ
09851P-28      09851P-28      SWITCH,PTT DPST                RFQ
09851P-32      09851P-32      SWITCH,PTT   SC 913            RFQ
09851P-33      09851P-33      SWITCH,PTT                    RFQ
09851P-37      09851P-37      SWITCH,PTT   NX321005B        RFQ
09851P-38      09851P-38      SWITCH,PTT DPDT   SINGLE STEP RFQ
09851P-43      09851P-43      Packaged as 40071G-07          RFQ
09851P-51      09851P-51      SWITCH,MOM,SPST ISR3SAD200104 RFQ
09865P-03      09865P-03      BRACKET,EXT MTG   (PKG 4EA)    RFQ
09921P-03      09921P-03      Packaged as 40688G-22          RFQ
09921P-05      09921P-05      WASHER,FLAT .015TH 1/4" ID    RFQ
09923P-13      09923P-13      CABLE ASSEMBLY W/ CONNECTOR    RFQ
09923P-16      09923P-16      COIL CORD ASSEMBLY W/CONNECTOR RFQ
09998P-04HA000 09998P-04HA000 CORD,COIL,SH 10FT W,B,R,G,Y,BU RFQ
09998P-05HA000 09998P-05HA000 CORD,COIL,SH 30"/12FT .240 OD RFQ
09998P-06HA000 09998P-06HA000 CORD,COIL,SH 48"/25FT .240 OD RFQ
09998P-07HA000 09998P-07HA000 CORD,COIL,SH 38"/15FT .220 OD RFQ
09998P-08HA000 09998P-08HA000 CORD,COIL,SH 12"/ 5FT .185 OD RFQ
10021G-21      10021G-21      HEADPAD ASSY,SPARE PARTS      RFQ
10021G-27      10021G-27      Packaged as 10021G-21          RFQ
10021G-33      10021G-33      HEADPAD ASSY,MODEL H8350      RFQ
10021G-35      10021G-35      HEADPAD ASSY, 9AN/2 CIV      RFQ
10035G-01      10035G-01      EARPHONE ASSY. 710HB,720HB    RFQ
10117G-11      10117G-11      SPRING ASSY MODEL BLANK-COMM RFQ
10117G-14      10117G-14      Packaged as 10117G-50          RFQ
10117G-25      10117G-25      SPRING ASSY 50D05276B01      RFQ
10117G-50      10117G-50      SPRING ASSY VOICE POWER SPARE RFQ
10117G-57      10117G-57      SPRING ASSY DIVERSIFIED 8810 RFQ
10117G-72      10117G-72      SPRING ASSY 12520G-16        RFQ
10117G-84      10117G-84      SPRING ASSY 40439G-01        RFQ
10117G-97      10117G-97      SPRING ASSY MODEL BLANK      RFQ
10133G-41      10133G-41      HEADPAD ASSY,MODEL BLANK - 1EA RFQ
10133G-65      10133G-65      Replaced by 10133G-41          RFQ
10133G-84      10133G-84      HEADPAD ASSY,H133C/AIC CIV    RFQ
10137G-08      10137G-08      Replaced by 18028G-30          RFQ
10285G-18      10285G-18      SHIELD ASSY,MIKE TAN 9AN/3SP  RFQ
10288G-11      10288G-11      Replaced by 17440P-03          RFQ
10288G-12      10288G-12      Replaced by 17440P-04          RFQ
10288G-15      10288G-15      DOME,STAMPED                  RFQ
10326G-03      10326G-03      SHIELD,MIC,ST BLACK 66C843    RFQ
10340G-06      10340G-06      CORD & MIC ASSY,     10340G-04 RFQ
10370G-03      10370G-03      SUPPORT ASSY 10370G-02 (1EA) RFQ
10372G-07      10372G-07      RECEIVER ASSY. C100A          RFQ
10375G-16      10375G-16      DOME ASSY,SEALED,GREEN        RFQ
10375G-36      10375G-36      DOME ASSY,SEALED,LT.GREEN      RFQ
10376G-05      10376G-05      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY              RFQ
10376G-08      10376G-08      Packaged as 10376G-23          RFQ
10376G-09      10376G-09      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY              RFQ
10376G-13      10376G-13      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY              RFQ
10376G-16      10376G-16      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY              RFQ
10376G-17      10376G-17      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY              RFQ
10376G-18      10376G-18      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY              RFQ
10376G-20      10376G-20      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY              RFQ
10376G-23      10376G-23      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY              RFQ
10376G-25      10376G-25      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY 60 OHM      RFQ
10376G-27      10376G-27      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY              RFQ
10376G-29      10376G-29      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY W/RETAINER  RFQ
10376G-30      10376G-30      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY              RFQ
10376G-31      10376G-31      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY              RFQ
10376G-32      10376G-32      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY              RFQ
10376G-34      10376G-34      EARPHONE ASSY GAI-TRONICS      RFQ
10376G-35      10376G-35      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY              RFQ
10376G-36      10376G-36      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY 275 OHMS    RFQ
10376G-37      10376G-37      EARPHONE ASSEMLY 8 OHM        RFQ
10376G-41      10376G-41      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY 60 OHM      RFQ
10376G-46      10376G-46      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY W/SSTL RET. RFQ
10376G-47      10376G-47      EARPHONE,SSTL W/ADHESIVE LEADS RFQ
10376G-51      10376G-51      Packaged as 10376G-30          RFQ
10376G-52      10376G-52      EARPHONE,DC 19 OHM,THRU HOLE  RFQ
10376G-55      10376G-55      EARPHONE ASSY, 35 OHM SSTL RET RFQ
10376G-57      10376G-57      EARPHONE ASSY, 35 OHM SSTL UTH RFQ
10378G-21      10378G-21      DOME,STAMPED                  RFQ
10378G-33      10378G-33      DOME,STAMPED,DR. LT.WT. DELTA RFQ
10378G-36      10378G-36      DOME,STAMPED,LTWT              RFQ
10390G-04      10390G-04      ATTACHMENT,RECEIVER ASSY.      RFQ
10405G-02      10405G-02      CORD ASSY,MICROPHONE          RFQ
10405G-05      10405G-05      CORD ASSY,MIC JACK KIT        RFQ
10405G-09      10405G-09      CORD ASSY,MICROPHONE H10-90    RFQ
10472G-01      10472G-01      CORD ASSY,MICROPHONE          RFQ
10472G-05      10472G-05      CORD ASSY,MIC         H5010,20 RFQ
10479G-02      10479G-02      STRAP ASSY,ADJUSTABLE NON-DIR RFQ
10479G-03      10479G-03      STRAP ASSY,ADJ,NON-DIR BLACK RFQ
10485G-03      10485G-03      SHIELD ASSY,MICROPHONE        RFQ
10485G-04      10485G-04      SHIELD ASSY,MICROPHONE        RFQ
10512G-03      10512G-03      CORD ASSY,MIKE CLIP            RFQ
10516G-07      10516G-07      CORD ASSY,MICROPHONE          RFQ
10516G-08      10516G-08      CORD ASSY, MICROPHONE          RFQ
10516G-14      10516G-14      CORD ASSY,MIC,TWO PLUG,SHLD 9" RFQ
10533G-12      10533G-12      SHELL ASSY,EARPHONE   LEFT    RFQ
10533G-13      10533G-13      SHELL ASSY,EARPHONE   RIGHT    RFQ
10533G-14      10533G-14      SHELL ASSY,EARPHONE            RFQ
10549G-12      10549G-12      SHIELD ASSY,MICROPHONE 66C842 RFQ
10549G-15      10549G-15      KIT,SHIELD ASSY,MIC   H7010,20 RFQ
10549G-17      10549G-17      SHIELD ASSY,MICROPHONE        RFQ
10634G-11      10634G-11      DOME,STAMPED   MODEL 10A      RFQ
10634G-12      10634G-12      DOME,STAMPED   MODEL 19A      RFQ
10792G-01      10792G-01      CLOTH HELMET ASSY. SIZE 6-3/4 RFQ
10792G-02      10792G-02      CLOTH HELMET ASSY. SIZE 7      RFQ
10792G-03      10792G-03      CLOTH HELMET ASSY. SIZE 7-1/4 RFQ
10792G-04      10792G-04      CLOTH HELMET ASSY. SIZE 7-1/2 RFQ
10792G-07      10792G-07      Replaced by 10792G-08          RFQ
10796G-01      10796G-01      Packaged as 18900G-29          RFQ
10796G-03      10796G-03      Packaged as 18900G-30          RFQ
10815G-01      10815G-01      CASE,P TO TLK SWITCH 04002G-01 RFQ
10815G-02      10815G-02      CASE,P T TLK SWITCH C75-12    RFQ
10815G-06      10815G-06      CASE,P T TLK SWITCH C35-15    RFQ
10815G-08      10815G-08      CASE,PTT SWITCH   C35-26      RFQ
10815G-09      10815G-09      CASE,PTT SWITCH   C35-30      RFQ
10815G-12      10815G-12      CASE,PTT SWITCH C35-16        RFQ
10815G-17      10815G-17      CASE,PTT SWITCH C35-08        RFQ
11086P-01      11086P-01      CLIP,CORD,MICROPHONE          RFQ
11087P-01      11087P-01      Packaged as 40688G-25          RFQ
11091P-01      11091P-01      Packaged as 40688G-30          RFQ
11229P-05      11229P-05      SUPPORT,HEADPAD SLIT/BLK DCNC RFQ
11353P-21      11353P-21      DOME,DRILLED L.H.              RFQ
11353P-22      11353P-22      DOME,DRILLED R.H.              RFQ
11353P-23      11353P-23      DOME,DRILLED LH MOSS GREEN    RFQ
11353P-24      11353P-24      DOME,DRILLED RH MOSS GREEN    RFQ
11353P-28      11353P-28      DOME,DRILLED LH                RFQ
11353P-29      11353P-29      DOME,DRILLED RH                RFQ
11353P-34      11353P-34      DOME,DRILLED LH 18311G-01      RFQ
11353P-35      11353P-35      DOME,DRILLED RH 18311G-01      RFQ
11353P-39      11353P-39      DOME,DRILLED                  RFQ
11353P-42      11353P-42      DOME,DRILLED,LH                RFQ
11353P-43      11353P-43      DOME,DRILLED,LH                RFQ
11353P-45      11353P-45      DOME,DRILLED,RH                RFQ
11353P-49      11353P-49      DOME,DRILLED,RH H10-56X      RFQ
11353P-50      11353P-50      DOME,DRILLED,LH H10-56X      RFQ
11353P-71      11353P-71      Replaced by 11353P-76          RFQ
11353P-72      11353P-72      DOME,DRILLED,RH   H9910        RFQ
11364P-01      11364P-01      NUT,THUMB SND PWR BOOM        RFQ
11389P-04      11389P-04      SHIELD,MICROPHONE BLACK        RFQ
11389P-05      11389P-05      SHIELD,MICROPHONE SEA SPARROW RFQ
11389P-09      11389P-09      SHIELD,MICROPHONE MOSS GREEN  RFQ
11389P-10      11389P-10      SHIELD,MICROPHONE H5010,H5020 RFQ
11389P-14      11389P-14      SHIELD,MICROPHONE H3313      RFQ
11389P-18      11389P-18      SHIELD,MICROPHONE H6020      RFQ
11389P-22      11389P-22      SHIELD,MICROPHONE,DR. M/GRN    RFQ
11407P-01      11407P-01      Replaced by 12880G-02          RFQ
11407P-08      11407P-08      DOME,DRILLED RH H5020        RFQ
11407P-09      11407P-09      DOME,DRILLED LH H5020        RFQ
11407P-10      11407P-10      DOME,DRILLED RH H5040        RFQ
11407P-11      11407P-11      Replaced by 12880G-04          RFQ
11407P-12      11407P-12      DOME,DRILLED RH                RFQ
11407P-13      11407P-13      DOME,DRILLED LH H3340/H7040  RFQ
11407P-14      11407P-14      DOME,DRILLED LH                RFQ
11407P-15      11407P-15      Replaced by 12880G-01          RFQ
11407P-16      11407P-16      DOME,DRILLED RH                RFQ
11407P-21      11407P-21      DOME,DRILLED LH                RFQ
11407P-26      11407P-26      DOME,DRILLED RH                RFQ
11407P-30      11407P-30      Replaced by 15522P-08          RFQ
11407P-32      11407P-32      DOME,SLOTTED RH H7041        RFQ
11407P-33      11407P-33      DOME,SLOTTED LH H3341        RFQ
11407P-34      11407P-34      DOME,DRILLED RH H3341        RFQ
11407P-35      11407P-35      DOME,DRILLED LH DIV 8810      RFQ
11407P-36      11407P-36      DOME,DRILLED RH DIV 8810      RFQ
11407P-39      11407P-39      DOME,DRILLED LH                RFQ
11407P-43      11407P-43      DOME,DRILLED LH H7240        RFQ
11407P-50      11407P-50      DOME,DRILLED LH                RFQ
11407P-51      11407P-51      DOME,DRILLED LH                RFQ
11407P-54      11407P-54      DOME,DRILLED LH                RFQ
11407P-68      11407P-68      DOME,DRILLED LH BLACK        RFQ
11407P-69      11407P-69      DOME,DRILLED RH BLACK        RFQ
11407P-93      11407P-93      DOME,DRILLED,LH 40416G-51    RFQ
11407P-94      11407P-94      DOME,DRILLED,RH IS HEADSETS  RFQ
11410P-02      11410P-02      FILTER                        RFQ
11410P-03      11410P-03      FILTER                        RFQ
11466P-03      11466P-03      TUBING,PRESSURE                RFQ
11581P-44      11581P-44      PKG,PREFMD NOM ID 3/16" 7HB    RFQ
11687P-08      11687P-08      GROMMET                        RFQ
11696P-09      11696P-09      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED RH H5030 RFQ
11696P-10      11696P-10      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED LH H5030 RFQ
11696P-11      11696P-11      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED LH        RFQ
11696P-12      11696P-12      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED RH        RFQ
11696P-13      11696P-13      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED LH H10-00 RFQ
11696P-17      11696P-17      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED LH        RFQ
11696P-18      11696P-18      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED     H5090 RFQ
11696P-19      11696P-19      Replaced by 11696P-30          RFQ
11696P-24      11696P-24      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED LH        RFQ
11696P-25      11696P-25      Replaced by 11696P-28          RFQ
11696P-28      11696P-28      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED          RFQ
11696P-29      11696P-29      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED LH        RFQ
11696P-30      11696P-30      DOME,SHALLOW,DR   LH LSTN ONLY RFQ
11696P-32      11696P-32      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED     H7190 RFQ
11696P-33      11696P-33      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED LH H3530 RFQ
11696P-34      11696P-34      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED RH H3530 RFQ
11696P-40      11696P-40      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED LH H10-20 RFQ
11696P-42      11696P-42      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED LH 100/DC RFQ
11696P-43      11696P-43      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED RH 100/DC RFQ
11696P-45      11696P-45      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED RH   UAL RFQ
11696P-46      11696P-46      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED LH      RFQ
11696P-48      11696P-48      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED LH        RFQ
11696P-49      11696P-49      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED LH        RFQ
11696P-62      11696P-62      DOME.SHALLOW,DRILLED RH H3531 RFQ
11696P-64      11696P-64      DOME,SHALLOW,DR RH 40611G-01  RFQ
11696P-76      11696P-76      DOME,SHALLOW,DRILLED RH        RFQ
11934P-02      11934P-02      GROMMET                        RFQ
12052G-01      12052G-01      KIT,NUT & WASHER (10/PK)      RFQ
12052G-02      12052G-02      KIT,NUT & WASHER (10/PK)      RFQ
12052G-03      12052G-03      KIT,NUT & WASHER (10/PK)      RFQ
12052G-04      12052G-04      KIT,NUT & WASHER (10/PK)      RFQ
12059G-05      12059G-05      AMPLIFIER,AUDIO                RFQ
12059G-06      12059G-06      AMPLIFIER,AUDIO                RFQ
12074G-01      U3401          BRANCH BOX,INTERCOM     U3401 RFQ
12104G-01      M3442          MODULE,HEADSET STATION   M3442 RFQ
12135G-03      H133C/CIV      HEADSET-MIC SHIELD H133C/AIC RFQ
12192G-09      12192G-09      Replaced by 18316G-02          RFQ
12290G-08      12290G-08      Replaced by 18620G-01          RFQ
12300G-09      12300G-09      CORD ASSY,ELEC GREEN 3"      RFQ
12304G-02      H3331          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H3331      RFQ
12304G-04      H3335          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H3335      RFQ
12304G-05      H3332          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H3332      RFQ
12323G-01      12323G-01      ACOUST TUBE MNT KIT BEHIND HD RFQ
12323G-02      12323G-02      ACOUST TUBE MNT KIT OVERHEAD RFQ
12329G-01      12329G-01      KIT,GROMMET AND CLIP          RFQ
12359G-01      12359G-01      KIT,SNAP HLDR NON-DIRECTIONAL RFQ
12359G-02      12359G-02      KIT,SNAP HLDR DIRECTIONAL    RFQ
12362G-02      12362G-02      FASTENER KIT                  RFQ
12364G-01      12364G-01      ATTACHMENT ASSEMBLY            RFQ
12365G-02      12365G-02      KIT,HEADBAND SPRING & STIRRUP RFQ
12409G-26      12409G-26      HEADBAND ASSY MOD BLANK RIVET RFQ
12409G-42      12409G-42      HEADBAND ASSEMBLY H5090        RFQ
12409G-52      12409G-52      HEADBAND ASSEMBLY SPARE PARTS RFQ
12409G-69      12409G-69      Packaged as 12409G-89          RFQ
12409G-83      12409G-83      HEADBAND ASSEMBLY              RFQ
12409G-89      12409G-89      HEADBAND ASSY SINGLE EAR      RFQ
12416G-18      10S/DC          HEADSET,LISTEN ONLY 10S/DC    RFQ
12416G-18      H10S/DC        HEADSET,LISTEN ONLY 10S/DC    RFQ
12416G-24      10S/H          HEADSET,LISTEN ONLY   10S/H    RFQ
12451G-01      10A/10AS        HEARING PROTECTOR 10A/10AS    RFQ
12451G-07      12451G-07      Replaced by 12451G-01          RFQ
12452G-01      19A            HEARING PROTECTOR   19A        RFQ
12489G-01      310/310S        HEARING PROTECTOR 310/310S    RFQ
12489G-02      12489G-02      Replaced by 12489G-01          RFQ
12500G-02      12500G-02      ADAPTER,EYEGLASS 1 PAIR      RFQ
12500G-03      12500G-03      APTR,EYEGLASS-50 PR-OBSOLETE  RFQ
12506G-05      H3310          HEADSET-MIC SHIELD,OTH   H3310 RFQ
12507G-04      H10-00          HEADSET,ELECTRICAL H10-00    RFQ
12507G-23      H3051          Replaced by 12416G-18          RFQ
12508G-02      H3330          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H3330      RFQ
12508G-17      H10-30          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H10-30    RFQ
12508G-20      H10-36          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H10-36    RFQ
12508G-26      H10-40          Replaced by ?H10-13.4          RFQ
12508G-30      H10-46          Replaced by 40411G-02          RFQ
12508G-34      H3530          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H3530      RFQ
12508G-35      H3531          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H3531      RFQ
12509G-01      H7050          HEADSET,LISTEN ONLY     H7050 RFQ
12510G-01      H7030          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H7030      RFQ
12510G-13      12510G-13      Replaced by 12510G-21          RFQ
12510G-21      H10-76          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H10-76    RFQ
12511G-01      H5030          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H5030      RFQ
12511G-04      [RAYTHEON      Replaced by 12511G-01          RFQ
12512G-01      H7010          HEADSET-MIC SHIELD,OTH H7010  RFQ
12514G-01      H5010          HEADSET-MIC SHIELD,OTH   H5010 RFQ
12515G-12      H3312          HEADSET-MIC SHIELD,OTH   H3312 RFQ
12515G-14      H3313          HEADSET-MIC SHIELD,OTH   H3313 RFQ
12516G-02      H3061          HEADSET,LISTEN ONLY,BTH H3061 RFQ
12517G-02      H3340          HEADSET-MICROPHONE,BTH   H3340 RFQ
12518G-06      H3320          HEADSET-MIC SHIELD,BTH   H3320 RFQ
12519G-03      H7061          HEADSET,LISTEN ONLY,BTH H7061 RFQ
12520G-01      H7040          HEADSET-MIC SHIELD,BTH   H7040 RFQ
12520G-09      H7041          HEADSET-MIC SHIELD,BTH   H7041 RFQ
12521G-06      H6020          HEADSET-MIC SHIELD,BTH   H6020 RFQ
12521G-10      H6220-M        HEADSET-MIC SHIELD,BTH H6220-M RFQ
12523G-01      H5020          HEADSET-MIC SHIELD,BTH H5020  RFQ
12596G-01      12596G-01      TERMINAL ASSEMBLY              RFQ
12596G-03      12596G-03      TERMINAL ASSEMBLY              RFQ
12662G-02      12662G-02      CORD ASSEMBLY                  RFQ
12662G-08      12662G-08      CORD ASSY,NAPE 12677G-06      RFQ
12662G-09      12662G-09      CORD ASSY,NAPE 12677G-11      RFQ
12664G-01      12664G-01      STRAP ASSY,ADJUSTING          RFQ
12677G-16      H8840          HEADSET-MICROPHONE BTH   H8840 RFQ
12679G-02      12679G-02      BRACKET ASSY,MICROPHONE        RFQ
12762G-04      12762G-04      BOOM ASSY,MIC 3 PC SPARE PARTS RFQ
12765G-01      12765G-01      BOOM ASSY,MIC SPCL 12687G-02  RFQ
12765G-03      12765G-03      Packaged as 12765G-04          RFQ
12765G-04      12765G-04      BOOM ASSY,MIC SPARE PARTS    RFQ
12765G-07      12765G-07      BOOM ASSY,MIC 2 PIECE BLACK    RFQ
12765G-08      12765G-08      BOOM ASSY,MIC,CRES 2 PIECE BLK RFQ
12765G-09      12765G-09      BOOM ASSY,MIC,CRES 2 PIECE EP RFQ
12768G-11      M3131          POWER AMPLIFIER MODULE   M3131 RFQ
12777G-01      9AN/3SP        HEADSET-MIC SHIELD,OTH 9AN/3SP RFQ
12840G-01      12840G-01      KIT,BOOM GUIDE STD MOUNT      RFQ
12840G-02      12840G-02      KIT,BOOM GUIDE LIGHTWEIGHT    RFQ
12840G-03      12840G-03      KIT,BOOM GUIDE MIL TYPE      RFQ
12840G-05      12840G-05      KIT,BOOM GUIDE                RFQ
12840G-07      12840G-07      KIT,BOOM GUIDE H3530          RFQ
12840G-08      12840G-08      KIT,BOOM GUIDE FULL FLEX      RFQ
12840G-09      12840G-09      KIT,BOOM GUIDE H10-60        RFQ
12840G-11      12840G-11      KIT,BOOM GUIDE 12510G-21      RFQ
12840G-12      12840G-12      KIT,BOOM ATTACHMENT H20-10    RFQ
12840G-14      12840G-14      Replaced by 12840G-19          RFQ
12840G-16      12840G-16      KIT,BOOM GUIDE BLK STAINLESS RFQ
12840G-18      12840G-18      KIT,BOOM GUIDE STAINLESS      RFQ
12840G-19      12840G-19      KIT,BOOM ATTACHMENT, OVERMOLD RFQ
12880G-01      12880G-01      DOME,DR W/INSERTS LH 12677G-01 RFQ
12880G-02      12880G-02      DOME,DR W/INSERTS LH 12678G-01 RFQ
12880G-04      12880G-04      DOME,DRILLED W/INSERTS LH      RFQ
12887G-01      H5090          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H5090      RFQ
12891G-01      12891G-01      L.H.DOME & COIL CORD KIT      RFQ
12901G-03      12901G-03      KIT,EARPHONE ASSEMBLY          RFQ
12908G-01      12908G-01      VOICE POWERED ELEMENT ASSY.    RFQ
12921G-01      M-6A/UR KI      KIT,M6A/UR CONVERSION          RFQ
12925G-01      12925G-01      BOARD,PRINTED CKT              RFQ
12948G-01      M-1/DC          MICROPHONE,DYN-AMPL   M-1/DC RFQ
12948G-05      M-1/DCA        Replaced by 12948G-06          RFQ
12948G-06      12948G-06      Replaced by 12948G-01          RFQ
12948G-07      12948G-07      MICROPHONE,DYNAMIC            RFQ
12948G-08      12948G-08      MICROPHONE,DYN-AMPL            RFQ
12948G-10      12948G-10      MICROPHONE,DYN-AMPL            RFQ
12950G-01      M3141          INTERCOM STATION MODULE M3141 RFQ
12952G-01      U3410          BELT STATION,INTERCOM   U3410 RFQ
12952G-02      U3411          BELT STATION,INTERCOM   U3411 RFQ
12952G-06      12952G-06      BELT STATION,LOW IMP HDST      RFQ
12953G-01      M3162          IMPEDANCE CONTROL MODULE M3162 RFQ
12971G-01      U3400          UTILITY SYSTEM,PORTABLE U3400 RFQ
12972G-01      12972G-01      CASE,CONT SWITCH,STAMPED U3410 RFQ
13056P-08      13056P-08      Packaged as 41090G-13          RFQ
13056P-10      13056P-10      CAP,TOGGLE SWITCH BLK        RFQ
13056P-11      13056P-11      CAP,PUSH BUTTON,ON/OFF SWITCH RFQ
13056P-14      13056P-14      Packaged as 41090G-13          RFQ
13057P-07      13057P-07      Packaged as 40688G-13          RFQ
13082P-01HA000 13082P-01HA000 CORD,COIL 7 COND 12'EXT.190 OD RFQ
13093P-03      13093P-03      Replaced by 13180P-06          RFQ
13105P-01      13105P-01      VARISTOR                      RFQ
13145P-04      13145P-04      BOOT,SWITCH                    RFQ
13145P-05      13145P-05      BOOT,SEAL,SHAFT                RFQ
13145P-06      13145P-06      BOOT,SWITCH,WATERPROOF BLK    RFQ
13145P-18      13145P-18      BOOT,SEALING,PTT SWITCH        RFQ
13148P-01      13148P-01      GUARD,SWITCH                  RFQ
13148P-05      13148P-05      GUARD,SWITCH,TOGGLE            RFQ
13176P-03      13176P-03      GASKET,SEALING,PANEL          RFQ
13176P-05      13176P-05      GASKET,PANEL SEALING-10 SHELL RFQ
13176P-06      13176P-06      GASKET,PANEL SEALING-12 SHELL RFQ
13180P-01      13180P-01      Packaged as 13180P-03          RFQ
13180P-03      13180P-03      SCREW W/LK WSHR       (10/PK) RFQ
13180P-06      13180P-06      SCREW W/LK WSHR       (10/PK) RFQ
13180P-07      13180P-07      SCREW W/LK WSHR       (10/PK) RFQ
13195P-02      13195P-02      HOOK,NYLON,ADJUSTABLE          RFQ
13202P-18      13202P-18      DIODE,LIGHT EMITTING BI-COLOR RFQ
13202P-22      13202P-22      Packaged as 40688G-20          RFQ
13202P-23      13202P-23      DIODE,LT EMITTING,BI-POLAR R/G RFQ
13205P-15      13205P-15      Packaged as 18900G-20          RFQ
13205P-16      13205P-16      Packaged as 18900G-19          RFQ
13205P-24      13205P-24      Packaged as 18900G-18          RFQ
13223P-01      13223P-01      GOGGLES,SUN,WIND AND DUST      RFQ
13238P-01      13238P-01      CAP,RECEPTACLE   W/NYLON CORD RFQ
13238P-06      13238P-06      CAP,DUST       12 SHELL      RFQ
13238P-07      13238P-07      CAP,RECP W/TETHER 16 SHELL    RFQ
13238P-08      13238P-08      CAP,PROTECTIVE                RFQ
13251P-01      13251P-01      Packaged as 18900G-47          RFQ
13255P-01      13255P-01      EARPHONE ASSEMBLY ULTRA LTWT RFQ
13264P-01HA000 13264P-01HA000 CORD,ELEC 16 CONDUCTOR        RFQ
13265P-01      13265P-01      CONNECTOR,PLUG   4 COND FEMALE RFQ
13265P-02      13265P-02      CONNECTOR,PLUG   8 COND MALE  RFQ
13265P-03      13265P-03      Packaged as 40541G-05          RFQ
13265P-11      13265P-11      Packaged as 18900G-82          RFQ
13265P-13      13265P-13      CONNECTOR,MINIATURE S761K      RFQ
13265P-17      13265P-17      CONNECTOR,EL.HR10A-10P-10P(73) RFQ
13265P-18      13265P-18      Packaged as 18900G-94          RFQ
13265P-22      13265P-22      CONNECTOR,ELEC PLUG P402      RFQ
13265P-30      13265P-30      CONNECTOR,ELEC TP-108        RFQ
13265P-34      13265P-34      CONNECTOR,EL NATO PLUG        RFQ
13265P-36      13265P-36      CONNECTOR,ELEC AP-107BR      RFQ
13265P-37      13265P-37      CONNECTOR,STEREO 3.5MM        RFQ
13265P-38      13265P-38      CONNECTOR,EL AJ107BR          RFQ
13265P-42      13265P-42      CONNECTOR,ELEC TJ-101   4 COND RFQ
13265P-50      13265P-50      CONNECTOR,ELEC.   6382-2PG-522 RFQ
13265P-55      13265P-55      CONNECTOR,ELEC.   6282-8SG-522 RFQ
13265P-82      13265P-82      CONNECTOR,ELEC.   6282-8SG-516 RFQ
13279P-01      13279P-01      Packaged as 40688G-19          RFQ
13282P-02      13282P-02      Packaged as 18900G-52          RFQ
13294P-02      13294P-02      Packaged as 18900G-78          RFQ
13294P-03      13294P-03      Packaged as 18900G-79          RFQ
13296P-01      13296P-01      Packaged as 18900G-61          RFQ
13312P-01      13312P-01      CLIP,BELT STAINLESS STEEL      RFQ
13349P-04      13349P-04      SCREW,PLASTITE 10PK 13349P-01 RFQ
13349P-05      13349P-05      SCREW,PLASTITE 10 PK 13349P-02 RFQ
13351P-01      13351P-01      RING,FOAM 1/4" X 2-1/4" X 7/8" RFQ
13352P-03      13352P-03      RING,SPLIT,SSTL, BLACK FINISH RFQ
13376P-03      13376P-03      LANYARD,NYLON,BRAID CORD 3FT. RFQ
14033P-01      14033P-01      SWITCH,MODIFIED 12677G-01      RFQ
14033P-03      14033P-03      SWITCH,MODIFIED                RFQ
14053P-03      14053P-03      Packaged as 40688G-15          RFQ
14096P-01      14096P-01      FILTER,DOME                    RFQ
14096P-03      14096P-03      FILTER,DOME                    RFQ
14096P-05      14096P-05      FILTER,DOME CHARCOAL          RFQ
14096P-06      14096P-06      FILTER,DOME                    RFQ
14096P-08      14096P-08      Packaged as 14096P-09          RFQ
14096P-09      14096P-09      FILTER,DOME         14096P-08 RFQ
14096P-10      14096P-10      FILTER,EARPHONE                RFQ
14096P-12      14096P-12      FILTER,DOME CHARCOAL          RFQ
14096P-13      14096P-13      FILTER,DOME 1/4" YELLOW        RFQ
14096P-18      14096P-18      FILTER,DOME 1/4" YELLOW        RFQ
14096P-20      14096P-20      FILTER,DOME,W/SLOTS 1/2" CHAR RFQ
14120P-05      14120P-05      CONNECTOR,EL MODIFIED 2P-1643 RFQ
14120P-06      14120P-06      CONN,ELEC-MODIFIED UA/1000    RFQ
14120P-13      14120P-13      Replaced by 40688G-89          RFQ
14120P-15      14120P-15      CONNECTOR, EL MODIFIED SC 128 RFQ
14133P-10      14133P-10      CASE,PUSH TO TALK SWITCH      RFQ
14166P-01      14166P-01      Y CLAMP                        RFQ
14176P-02      14176P-02      CLIP,ANTI-ROTATION 10/PK      RFQ
14378P-03      14378P-03      BARRIER,MOISTURE              RFQ
14488P-01      14488P-01      RESISTOR,VAR-MOD   100K OHMS  RFQ
14488P-02      14488P-02      RESISTOR,VAR-MOD   5000 OHMS  RFQ
14488P-03      14488P-03      Replaced by 09349P-34          RFQ
14488P-04      14488P-04      RESISTOR,VAR-MOD   100 0HMS    RFQ
14488P-06      14488P-06      RESISTOR,VAR,MOD 2500 OHM    RFQ
14679P-01      14679P-01      Packaged as 40688G-28          RFQ
14811P-61      14811P-61      CASE,MODIFIED,STAMPED C3019  RFQ
14812P-05      14812P-05      BOARD PRINTED CKT              RFQ
14835P-01      14835P-01      GROMMET,DOME STOP              RFQ
14837P-01      14837P-01      VC SPACER H1080 OBSOLETE      RFQ
14840P-01      14840P-01      PLUG,BOOM MOUNT                RFQ
14853P-01      14853P-01      Y CLAMP,FIXED                  RFQ
14863P-01      14863P-01      SCREEN,WIND,MICROPHONE        RFQ
14872P-01      14872P-01      BRACKET,MICROPHONE M-4        RFQ
14872P-02      14872P-02      BRACKET,MICROPHONE,BLANK      RFQ
14873P-01      14873P-01      Packaged as 18900G-07          RFQ
14875P-02      14875P-02      Packaged as 18900G-75          RFQ
14875P-03      14875P-03      Packaged as 18900G-26          RFQ
14885P-01      14885P-01      HOOK,BELT                      RFQ
14889P-01      14889P-01      GROMMET,RELIEF,BEND .150-.175 RFQ
14889P-03      14889P-03      GROMMET,RELIEF,BEND .175-.230 RFQ
14889P-04      14889P-04      GROMMET,RELIEF,BEND .230-.270 RFQ
14889P-05      14889P-05      GROMMET,RELIEF,BEND .150-.165 RFQ
14898P-19      14898P-19      BOARD,PRINTED CKT 18748G-19  RFQ
14921P-01      14921P-01      GUARD,SWITCH                  RFQ
14923P-01      14923P-01      Packaged as 40688G-32          RFQ
15074P-01      15074P-01      Packaged as 40062G-01          RFQ
15074P-02      15074P-02      Packaged as 40062G-02          RFQ
15074P-03      15074P-03      COVER,MICROPHONE ULTRA LTWT  RFQ
15093P-01      15093P-01      HEADBAND SPRING                RFQ
15093P-03      15093P-03      HEADBAND SPRING,BLACK          RFQ
15097P-01      15097P-01      STOP,DOME                      RFQ
15109P-01      15109P-01      KNOB,MOLDED AVIATION          RFQ
15109P-02      15109P-02      KNOB,VOLUME CONTROL W/WHT DOT RFQ
15125P-02      15125P-02      CLIP,OVHD CORD         (4/PK) RFQ
15140P-01      15140P-01      DOME,DRILLED,LH                RFQ
15140P-02      15140P-02      DOME,DRILLED,RH                RFQ
15182P-01      15182P-01      Packaged as 40688G-87          RFQ
15236P-02      15236P-02      CLIP,OVHD CORD SEE 15125P-02  RFQ
15247P-01      15247P-01      HEADBAND SPRING,LIGHTWEIGHT    RFQ
15253P-03      15253P-03      DOME,DRILLED LTWT LH H10-13.4 RFQ
15253P-04      15253P-04      DOME,DRILLED LTWT RH H10-13.4 RFQ
15253P-08      15253P-08      DOME,DRILLED RH   H10-13 S    RFQ
15253P-09      15253P-09      DOME,DRILLED LTWT              RFQ
15253P-10      15253P-10      DOME,DRILLED LTWT H4290      RFQ
15253P-11      15253P-11      DOME,DRILLED,LTWT              RFQ
15253P-13      15253P-13      DOME,DRILLED LTWL LH H3432    RFQ
15253P-14      15253P-14      DOME,DRILLED LH   H10-13X    RFQ
15253P-15      15253P-15      DOME,DRILLED RH   H10-13X    RFQ
15253P-17      15253P-17      DOME,DRILLED LTWT H3392      RFQ
15253P-19      15253P-19      DOME,DRILLED LTWT H3391/H7091 RFQ
15253P-21      15253P-21      DOME,DRILLED LTWT   40668G-01 RFQ
15253P-22      15253P-22      DOME,DRILLED LTWT   40668G-01 RFQ
15253P-23      15253P-23      DOME,DRILLED RH   H10-76XL    RFQ
15253P-41      15253P-41      DOME,DRILLED LH 40864G-01/02 RFQ
15253P-45      15253P-45      DOME,DRILLED,LTWT RH H9832    RFQ
15253P-46      15253P-46      DOME,DRILLED,LTWT LH 40896G-01 RFQ
15253P-47      15253P-47      DOME,DRILLED RH 40864G-01/02 RFQ
15253P-49      15253P-49      DOME,DRILLED LTWT LH H9832    RFQ
15253P-50      15253P-50      DOME,DRILLED,LTWT H3492      RFQ
15253P-58      15253P-58      DOME,DR,STMPD, RH W/SSTL STUD RFQ
15253P-59      15253P-59      DOME,DRILLED LTWT 41030G-01  RFQ
15298P-01      15298P-01      GROMMET                        RFQ
15333P-01      15333P-01      SLEEVE,BEND RELIEF            RFQ
15350P-02      15350P-02      CLIP,CORD 4/PKG.              RFQ
15354P-01      15354P-01      COVER,JACK STAMPED W/LOGO    RFQ
15354P-02      15354P-02      COVER,JACK STAMPED W/LOGO    RFQ
15356P-01      15356P-01      ENCLOSURE DRLLD/STMPD OBSOLETE RFQ
15356P-02      15356P-02      ENCLOSURE DRLD/STMPD OBSOLETE RFQ
15368P-01      15368P-01      HOOK,BELT,CRES                RFQ
15371P-05      15371P-05      DOME,DRILLED,LH H6080        RFQ
15371P-09      15371P-09      DOME,DRILLED,RH H8570        RFQ
15380P-03      15380P-03      CASE,MODIFIED,STAMPED C7053  RFQ
15423P-01      15423P-01      KNOB, MOLDED BLACK 40495G-01 RFQ
15425P-01      15425P-01      SPRING,TORSION-LATCH          RFQ
15445P-01      15445P-01      BOARD,PRINTED CKT 40331G-01  RFQ
15446P-01      15446P-01      Packaged as 18900G-66          RFQ
15452P-01      15452P-01      HEADBAND SPRING                RFQ
15497P-01      15497P-01      Packaged as 13176P-03          RFQ
15509P-01      15509P-01      FILTER,FOAM INNER INSERT      RFQ
15509P-02      15509P-02      FILTER,FOAM INNER INSERT      RFQ
15510P-01      15510P-01      FILTER,FOAM MIDDLE INSERT      RFQ
15510P-02      15510P-02      FILTER,FOAM MIDDLE INSERT      RFQ
15511P-01      15511P-01      FILTER,FOAM OUTER INSERT      RFQ
15511P-02      15511P-02      FILTER,FOAM OUTER INSERT      RFQ
15511P-04      15511P-04      FILTER,FOAM 1/2"TH YEL TEMPER RFQ
15512P-01      15512P-01      FILTER,CLOTH,ACOUSTICAL        RFQ
15512P-03      15512P-03      FILTER,CLOTH ACOUSTIC          RFQ
15522P-02      15522P-02      DOME,REC,DR,SLD MIC SIDE GRN RFQ
15522P-03      15522P-03      DOME,RECESSED,DRILLED,SEALED  RFQ
15522P-04      15522P-04      DOME,RECESSED,DRILLED,SEALED  RFQ
15522P-05      15522P-05      DOME,RECESSED,DRILLED,SEALED  RFQ
15522P-07      15522P-07      DOME,DR,REC,MIC SIDE GREEN    RFQ
15522P-08      15522P-08      DOME,RECESSED,DRILLED,SEALED  RFQ
15522P-09      15522P-09      DOME,RECESSED,DRILLED,SEALED  RFQ
15522P-14      15522P-14      DOME,RECESSED,DRILLED,SEALED  RFQ
15522P-24      15522P-24      DOME,DR.STMPD.RH W/SSTL STUD RFQ
15522P-25      15522P-25      DOME,DR,LH W/SSTL STUD        RFQ
15522P-30      15522P-30      DOME,DR,STMPD,RH W/SSTL STUD RFQ
15522P-31      15522P-31      DOME,DR,LH W/SSTL STUD        RFQ
15522P-32      15522P-32      DOME,REC,DRILLED,SEALED GREEN RFQ
15522P-41      15522P-41      DOME,DR,STMPD,RH W/SSTL STUD  RFQ
15522P-42      15522P-42      DOME,DR,LH W.SSTL STUD GREEN RFQ
15522P-43      15522P-43      DOME,DR,REC SSTL STUD SLOTTED RFQ
15522P-44      15522P-44      DOME,DR REC SSTL STUD GREEN  RFQ
15535P-01      15535P-01      GROMMET,BEND RELIEF            RFQ
15540P-01      15540P-01      COVER,BATTERY PACK ENC        RFQ
15545P-01      15545P-01      FILTER,DOME,RECESSED          RFQ
15606P-01      15606P-01      EARCUP,RIGHT,OUTER W/INSERTS  RFQ
15606P-02      15606P-02      EARCUP,LEFT,OUTER W/INSERTS    RFQ
15609P-01      15609P-01      PIVOT,BOOM,INNER,MOLDED        RFQ
15610P-01      15610P-01      BOOM,MIC,OUTER,MOLDED          RFQ
15612P-01      15612P-01      CAP,PIVOT,MOLDED              RFQ
15613P-01      15613P-01      CAP,CUP,MOLDED                RFQ
15629P-01      15629P-01      COVER,PLUG                    RFQ
15636P-01      15636P-01      Packaged as 40688G-69          RFQ
15670P-01      15670P-01      Packaged as 40688G-27          RFQ
15671P-01      15671P-01      HEADBAND SPRING SSTL BLACK  RFQ
15671P-03      15671P-03      HEADBAND SPRING SSTL EL-POLISH RFQ
15671P-04      15671P-04      HEADBAND SPRING,SS .05 TK E-PL RFQ
15906P-05      15906P-05      DOME,UNDER HLMT, DR. LH. H9980 RFQ
15906P-06      15906P-06      DOME,UNDER HLMT, DR. RH H9980 RFQ
15922P-02      15922P-02      CABLE MOUNT PK/10 15922P-01 RFQ
15976P-03      15976P-03      EARSEAL DC PRO 1 PR 15976P-01 RFQ
15977P-01      15977P-01      HEADPAD DC-PRO                RFQ
15977P-02      15977P-02      HEADPAD DC PRO   PKG 15977P-01 RFQ
16069G-09      805S            Replaced by 16069G-13          RFQ
16069G-13      805V            HEARING PROTECTOR,BTH     805V RFQ
16100G-01      16100G-01      VOICE POWERED ELEMENT,EAR SIDE RFQ
16181G-35      16181G-35      DOME STAMPED REP BY 16181G-36 RFQ
16181G-36      16181G-36      DOME STAMPED LEFT/RIGHT 805V  RFQ
16181G-37      16181G-37      DOME,STAMPED MODEL 27        RFQ
16181G-41      16181G-41      DOME,STAMPED,LH, 40272G-01    RFQ
16298G-03      H5040          HEADSET-MICROPHONE, VP   H5040 RFQ
16298G-09      H5042          HEADSET-MICROPHONE, VP   H5042 RFQ
16402G-18      16402G-18      HEADBAND ASSY,SINGLE EAR      RFQ
16789G-04      16789G-04      INTERCOM STATION,MODIFIED SPCL RFQ
16803G-12      16803G-12      BOARD,PRINTED CKT              RFQ
16813G-11      M3111          POWER SUPPLY MODULE     M3111 RFQ
16822G-01      C51-12          CORD ASSY,EXT 12'     C51-12 RFQ
16822G-02      C51-25          CORD ASSY,EXT 25'     C51-25 RFQ
16822G-03      C51-50          CORD ASSY,EXT 50'     C51-50 RFQ
16822G-04      C51-100        CORD ASSY,EXT 100'     C51-100 RFQ
16823G-01      C52-12          CORD ASSY,JUMPER 12'   C52-12 RFQ
16823G-02      C52-25          CORD ASSY,JUMPER 25'   C52-25 RFQ
16823G-03      C52-50          CORD ASSY,JUMPER 50'   C52-50 RFQ
16823G-04      C52-100        CORD ASSY,JUMPER 100' C52-100 RFQ
16828G-01      16828G-01      KIT,BOOM GUIDE ASSY   19LB-87 RFQ
16851G-01      C34-12          CORD ASSY,EXT 12'     C34-12 RFQ
16851G-02      C34-25          CORD ASSY,EXT 25'     C34-25 RFQ
16851G-03      C34-50          CORD ASSY,EXT 50'     C34-50 RFQ
16851G-04      C34-100        CORD ASSY,EXT 100'     C34-100 RFQ
16851G-07      16851G-07      CORD ASSY,EXT. 100 FT B-52    RFQ
16904G-01      M5006          JUNCTION BOX,VOICE PWR   M5006 RFQ
16921G-03      16921G-03      COVER,STAMPED     ON OFF      RFQ
16921G-05      16921G-05      COVER,STAMPED 117 VOLTS        RFQ
16921G-07      16921G-07      COVER,STAMPED     VOLUME      RFQ
16921G-08      16921G-08      COVER,STAMPED       M3111      RFQ
16986G-03      H7090          Replaced by 16986G-14          RFQ
16986G-14      H7091          Replaced by 40523G-01          RFQ
16987G-14      H3370          Replaced by 12508G-02          RFQ
16988G-03      H7070          Replaced by 12510G-01          RFQ
17001P-01      17001P-01      HOLDER,RECEIVER                RFQ
17084P-03      17084P-03      FILTER               17084P-05 RFQ
17084P-04      17084P-04      FILTER,DOME CHARCOAL          RFQ
17165P-53      17165P-53      Packaged as 18900G-28          RFQ
17165P-55      17165P-55      Packaged as 18900G-39          RFQ
17165P-62      17165P-62      Packaged as 18900G-40          RFQ
17165P-64      17165P-64      Packaged as 40688G-04          RFQ
17165P-66      17165P-66      Packaged as 40688G-21          RFQ
17165P-73      17165P-73      Packaged as 40688G-16          RFQ
17178P-02      17178P-02      DOME,DRILLED LH,H5040          RFQ
17195P-01      17195P-01      Packaged as 18900G-42          RFQ
17440P-07      17440P-07      DOME,DEEP,DRILLED LH MODULAR  RFQ
17440P-08      17440P-08      DOME,DEEP,DRILLED LH          RFQ
17623P-05      17623P-05      BOX ELEC,DRILLED 12971G-01    RFQ
17661P-01      17661P-01      COVER 12074G-01 SEE STANDARD  RFQ
17661P-03      17661P-03      COVER 12971G-01 SEE STANDARD  RFQ
17677P-04      17677P-04      RETAINER,RECEIVER              RFQ
17677P-05      17677P-05      RETAINER,RECEIVER              RFQ
17677P-06      17677P-06      RETAINER,RECEIVER              RFQ
17677P-08      17677P-08      RETAINER,RECEIVER              RFQ
17714P-01      17714P-01      CONNECTOR,ELECTRICAL-MOD      RFQ
17836P-01      17836P-01      SLEEVE,BEND RELIEF            RFQ
17836P-03      17836P-03      SLEEVE,BEND RELIEF            RFQ
17836P-04      17836P-04      SLEEVE,BEND,RELIEF            RFQ
17836P-06      17836P-06      GROMMET,STRAIN RELIEF 1/2 NPT RFQ
17976P-01      17976P-01      SHIELD,PUSHBUTTON              RFQ
18028G-01      18028G-01      COMM CORD KIT H10-10,30,40,50 RFQ
18028G-02      18028G-02      COMM CORD KIT H10-00          RFQ
18028G-05      18028G-05      COMM CORD KIT AVTN COIL CORDS RFQ
18028G-06      18028G-06      COMM CORD KIT H10-17,37      RFQ
18028G-08      18028G-08      COMM CORD KIT H3010,H3020    RFQ
18028G-09      18028G-09      COMM CORD KIT H3330,40,70,91, RFQ
18028G-10      18028G-10      COMM CORD KIT H3050          RFQ
18028G-11      18028G-11      COMM CORD KIT H3312          RFQ
18028G-12      18028G-12      Replaced by 18028G-09          RFQ
18028G-13      18028G-13      Replaced by 18028G-09          RFQ
18028G-14      18028G-14      Replaced by 18028G-11          RFQ
18028G-15      18028G-15      COMM CORD KIT H3013,H3313    RFQ
18028G-17      18028G-17      COMM CORD KIT H5030          RFQ
18028G-18      18028G-18      COMM CORD KIT LO IMPEDANCE    RFQ
18028G-19      18028G-19      COMM CORD KIT H133,19LB-87    RFQ
18028G-20      18028G-20      COMM CORD KIT 9AN/3SP        RFQ
18028G-26      18028G-26      COMM CORD KIT H10-76          RFQ
18028G-28      18028G-28      COMM CORD KIT H3335          RFQ
18028G-30      18028G-30      COMM CORD KIT H3331          RFQ
18028G-34      18028G-34      COMM CORD KIT H3332,H3392    RFQ
18028G-38      18028G-38      COMM CORD KIT H7051          RFQ
18028G-45      18028G-45      COMM CORD KIT H3530          RFQ
18028G-46      18028G-46      COMM CORD KIT 30'            RFQ
18028G-47      18028G-47      COMM CORD KIT H3061          RFQ
18028G-49      18028G-49      COMM CORD KIT C35-26          RFQ
18028G-50      18028G-50      COMM CORD KIT 15' (COILED)    RFQ
18028G-51      18028G-51      Replaced by 18028G-01          RFQ
18028G-52      18028G-52      COMM CORD KIT H10-56,66      RFQ
18028G-54      18028G-54      CORD ASSY KIT C35-16          RFQ
18028G-56      18028G-56      COMM CORD KIT H10-21          RFQ
18028G-57      18028G-57      COMM CORD KIT CLARK/100 DC    RFQ
18028G-58      18028G-58      COMM CORD KIT H7245          RFQ
18028G-61      18028G-61      COMM CORD KIT 40259G-01      RFQ
18028G-65      18028G-65      COMM CORD KIT 12520G-16      RFQ
18028G-67      18028G-67      COMM CORD KIT 8' COIL CORD    RFQ
18028G-68      18028G-68      COMM CORD KIT 40301G-01      RFQ
18028G-70      18028G-70      Replaced by 18028G-50          RFQ
18028G-75      18028G-75      COMM CORD KIT H4230/H4240      RFQ
18028G-76      18028G-76      COMM CORD KIT 40301G-03      RFQ
18028G-80      18028G-80      COMM CORD KIT 40416G-01      RFQ
18028G-81      18028G-81      COMM CORD KIT 40422G-01      RFQ
18028G-83      18028G-83      COMM CORD KIT 40439G-01      RFQ
18028G-84      18028G-84      COMM CORD KIT 40464G-01      RFQ
18028G-98      18028G-98      COMM CORD KIT C35-08          RFQ
18069G-01      18069G-01      CAP W/TERMINALS SND POWER SER RFQ
18069G-02      18069G-02      CAPACITOR WITH TERMINALS      RFQ
18090G-02      18090G-02      DOME ASSY,SEALED 27 SERIES    RFQ
18157G-01      18157G-01      ATTACHMENT ASSEMBLY   730      RFQ
18157G-02      18157G-02      ATTACHMENT ASSEMBLY   731      RFQ
18157G-03      18157G-03      ATTACHMENT ASSEMBLY 732   F/G RFQ
18216G-01      C10-15          SWITCH,PUSH-TO-TALK   C10-15 RFQ
18220G-05      27/27S          HEARING PROTECTOR MODEL 27/27S RFQ
18220G-06      18220G-06      Replaced by 18220G-05          RFQ
18224G-01      18224G-01      KIT,REPLACEMENT MIC,M-1/DC    RFQ
18225G-01      C36-12          CORD ASSY,EXT         C36-12 RFQ
18226G-01      18226G-01      KIT,SHIELD ASSY,M-1/DC        RFQ
18226G-03      18226G-03      KIT,SHIELD ASSY,M-1/DC        RFQ
18226G-06      18226G-06      Packaged as 18226G-03          RFQ
18226G-07      18226G-07      KIT,SHIELD ASSY,H6020          RFQ
18226G-11      18226G-11      SHIELD ASSY,MIC 41031G-01    RFQ
18249G-02      18249G-02      HEADBAND ASSY H8790            RFQ
18253G-01      18253G-01      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER          RFQ
18253G-02      18253G-02      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER          RFQ
18253G-03      18253G-03      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER          RFQ
18253G-04      18253G-04      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER          RFQ
18253G-05      18253G-05      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER          RFQ
18253G-06      18253G-06      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER          RFQ
18253G-10      18253G-10      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER GND SPRT RFQ
18253G-11      18253G-11      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER GND SPRT RFQ
18253G-12      18253G-12      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER GND-CKPT RFQ
18253G-15      18253G-15      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER GND SPRT RFQ
18253G-16      18253G-16      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER          RFQ
18253G-17      18253G-17      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER          RFQ
18253G-18      18253G-18      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER          RFQ
18253G-19      18253G-19      CORD ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER          RFQ
18283G-02      H10-56          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H10-56    RFQ
18283G-03      H10-66          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H10-66    RFQ
18288G-07      18288G-07      Replaced by 18289G-13          RFQ
18289G-09      18289G-09      Replaced by 18289G-13          RFQ
18289G-13      18289G-13      PCB ASSEMBLY                  RFQ
18289G-16      18289G-16      PCB ASSEMBLY 40611G-01        RFQ
18289G-20      18289G-20      PCB ASSEMBLY 40760G-01        RFQ
18289G-21      18289G-21      AMPLIFIER,AUDIO                RFQ
18314G-01      18314G-01      SNAP STUD KIT NON-DIRECTIONAL RFQ
18314G-02      18314G-02      SNAP STUD KIT DIRECTIONAL    RFQ
18315G-01      18315G-01      KIT,MIC CORD ASSY              RFQ
18315G-02      18315G-02      KIT,MIC CORD ASSY H3312,H3313 RFQ
18315G-04      18315G-04      KIT,MIC CORD ASSY 9AN/3SP    RFQ
18315G-06      18315G-06      KIT,MIC CORD ASSY H3310,H3320 RFQ
18315G-09      18315G-09      KIT,MIC CORD ASSY H6020      RFQ
18316G-02      18316G-02      EAR SEALS 18316G-01 (1PR)    RFQ
18316G-03      18316G-03      EARSEALS - 100 PAIR            RFQ
18316G-04      18316G-04      Replaced by 18316G-03          RFQ
18316G-07      18316G-07      EAR SEALS,TEMPER FOAM (PAIR) RFQ
18317G-01      18317G-01      KIT,MIC BRACKET ASSY   H3312 RFQ
18317G-02      18317G-02      KIT,MIC BRACKET ASSY H6020    RFQ
18326G-01      18326G-01      TUBING,HT SHRINK   (10/PK)    RFQ
18326G-02      18326G-02      TUBING,HT SHRINK (10 PK)      RFQ
18338G-01      18338G-01      KIT,SCREW & WASHER (10/PK)    RFQ
18338G-02      18338G-02      KIT,SCREW & WASHER (10/PK)    RFQ
18338G-03      18338G-03      KIT,SCREW & WASHER (10/PK)    RFQ
18338G-04      18338G-04      KIT,SCREW & WASHER (10/PK)    RFQ
18338G-05      18338G-05      KIT,SCREW & WASHER (10/PK)    RFQ
18352G-01      18352G-01      CONN KIT (MS) 4 PIN     C34-** RFQ
18352G-02      18352G-02      CONN KIT (MS) 4 SOCKET C34-** RFQ
18352G-03      18352G-03      CONN KIT (MS) 2 SOCKET C3820 RFQ
18352G-04      18352G-04      CONN KIT (MS) 4 PIN     C38-** RFQ
18352G-05      18352G-05      CONN KIT (MS) 6 PIN     C3821 RFQ
18352G-07      18352G-07      CONN KIT (MS) 5 PIN            RFQ
18352G-08      18352G-08      CONN KIT (MS) 5 SOCKET        RFQ
18352G-09      18352G-09      CONN KIT (MS) 2 SOCKET RT ANG RFQ
18352G-10      18352G-10      CONN KIT (MS) 4 PIN     RT ANG RFQ
18352G-11      18352G-11      CONN KIT (MS) 6 PIN     RT ANG RFQ
18352G-12      18352G-12      CONN KIT (MS) 2 PIN            RFQ
18352G-13      18352G-13      CONN KIT (MS) 5 PIN     RT ANG RFQ
18352G-16      18352G-16      CONN KIT (MS) 6 PIN            RFQ
18352G-17      18352G-17      CONN KIT (MS) 6 SOCKET        RFQ
18352G-18      18352G-18      CONN KIT (MS) 6 SOCKET RT ANG RFQ
18352G-19      18352G-19      CONN KIT (MS) 7 PIN            RFQ
18352G-20      18352G-20      CONN KIT (MS) 6 SOCKET        RFQ
18352G-23      18352G-23      CONN KIT (MS) 7 SOCKET        RFQ
18376G-01      M-4 KIT        Replaced by 18376G-02          RFQ
18376G-02      18376G-02      MIC RETROFIT KIT M-7/DC      RFQ
18395G-01      C5401          CORD ASSY,ADAPTER     C5401  RFQ
18417G-02      18417G-02      MIC SHLD CUSHN 18417G-01(1EA) RFQ
18434G-02      18434G-02      PROTECTOR,MIC M-1/DC PKG 1EA RFQ
18434G-02HA000 18434G-02HA000 Replaced by 18434G-02          RFQ
18434G-05      18434G-05      Replaced by 18434G-02          RFQ
18490G-01      18490G-01      COMM CORD & AMPL ASSY.        RFQ
18491G-01      H3391          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H3391      RFQ
18491G-03      H3392          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H3392      RFQ
18531G-01      15AN/4SP        HEADSET,MICROPHONE 15AN/4SP  RFQ
18534G-01      18534G-01      Replaced by 18534G-05          RFQ
18534G-05      18534G-05      BOOM ASSY,FLEX SOUND POWER    RFQ
18620G-01      18620G-01      DOME,DEEP,SEALED TAN          RFQ
18620G-02      18620G-02      DOME,DEEP,SEALED GREEN        RFQ
18621G-01      18621G-01      DOME,SHALLOW,RIB,SEALED GREEN RFQ
18624G-01      18624G-01      Replaced by 18624G-23          RFQ
18624G-23      18624G-23      SWITCH ASSY,TOGGLE H10-66X    RFQ
18636G-10FM000 18636G-10FM000 Packaged as 18636G-10          RFQ
18636G-11      18636G-11      HELMET,CLOTH,UNIV.SIZE - KHAKI RFQ
18636G-11FT000 18636G-11FT000 Packaged as 18636G-11          RFQ
18638G-01      K5501          COMMUNICATIONS KIT K5501      RFQ
18644G-01      C3408          CORD ASSY,JUMPER 8'   C3408  RFQ
18652G-57      C7053          HEADSET ADAPTER C7053        RFQ
18652G-62      C7055          HEADSET ADAPTER C7055        RFQ
18661G-01      18661G-01      SWITCH ASSY,VOL CONT 1000 OHMS RFQ
18661G-07      18661G-07      Replaced by 18661G-01          RFQ
18667G-17      C3017          HEADSET ADAPTER C3017        RFQ
18667G-20      C3021          HEADSET ADAPTER C3021        RFQ
18667G-23      C3019          HEADSET ADAPTER C3019        RFQ
18667G-36      C3030          HEADSET ADAPTER C3030        RFQ
18667G-42      C3019A          HEADSET ADAPTER C3019A        RFQ
18667G-46      C3033B          ADAPTER,HDST/RADIO PTT C3033B RFQ
18677G-03      18677G-03      SPNSN SYS,CLOTH HELMET K10    RFQ
18688G-02      18688G-02      Replaced by 41090G-12          RFQ
18688G-04      18688G-04      BOOM ASSEMBLY,MICROPHONE      RFQ
18688G-05      18688G-05      BOOM SUBASSY,FLEX EXPO        RFQ
18688G-06      18688G-06      BOOM SUBASSY,FLEX H10-80 RPR  RFQ
18688G-07      18688G-07      BOOM SUBASSY,FLEX HYBRID      RFQ
18688G-08      18688G-08      BOOM SUBASSY,FLEX H20-10      RFQ
18691G-03      18691G-03      SEAL ASSY,EAR,PILLOW 1PR      RFQ
18725G-01HA000 18725G-01HA000 EXTENSION,NAPE                RFQ
18740G-02      18740G-02      BOOM ASSY,EXPO SEE STANDARD    RFQ
18740G-04      18740G-04      Replaced by 41090G-12          RFQ
18740G-05      18740G-05      BOOM ASSY,FLEX H10-60        RFQ
18740G-10      18740G-10      BOOM ASSY,FLEX 40495G-01      RFQ
18740G-11      18740G-11      BOOM ASSY,FLEX M-87, M-1, M-4 RFQ
18740G-12      18740G-12      BOOM ASSY,FLEX M-87 W/12" CORD RFQ
18740G-13      18740G-13      BOOM ASSY,FLEX H10-76XL        RFQ
18740G-14      18740G-14      BOOM ASSY,FLEX                RFQ
18740G-18      18740G-18      BOOM ASSY,M-87,FLEX W/16" CORD RFQ
18740G-19      18740G-19      BOOM ASSY,W/MIC,FLEX          RFQ
18740G-20      18740G-20      BOOM ASSY,FLEX W/9" CORD/CONN RFQ
18740G-28      18740G-28      Replaced by 41090G-12          RFQ
18741G-26      18741G-26      CORD,ASSY,NAPE,SHLD 40565G-01 RFQ
18743G-08      18743G-08      CORD ASSY,COMM,COIL,SH H3335 RFQ
18743G-24      18743G-24      Packaged as 18028G-67          RFQ
18743G-29      18743G-29      CORD ASSY,COMM,COIL,2 PR SHLD RFQ
18743G-35      18743G-35      CORD ASSY,COMM,COIL 40565G-01 RFQ
18744G-01      18744G-01      CORD ASSY,MIC,FLEX BOOM        RFQ
18744G-09      18744G-09      CORD ASSY,MIC                  RFQ
18745G-01      U3800          MASTER STATION           U3800 RFQ
18746G-01      U3801          HEADSET STATION,REMOTE   U3801 RFQ
18747G-01      C38-25          CORD ASSY,JUMPER 25'   C38-25 RFQ
18747G-02      C38-50          CORD ASSY,JUMPER 50'   C38-50 RFQ
18747G-03      C38-75          CORD ASSY,JUMPER 75'   C38-75 RFQ
18747G-04      C38-100        CORD ASSY,JUMPER 100' C38-100 RFQ
18747G-05      C38-12          CORD ASSY,JUMPER 12'   C38-12 RFQ
18747G-06      C3821          CORD ASSY,RADIO INTFC C3821  RFQ
18747G-38      C38-35          CORD ASSY,JUMPER 35'   C38-35 RFQ
18747G-48      C38-21RD1      CORD ASSY,RAD.INTFC C38-21RD1 RFQ
18748G-01      C3820          CORD,POWER           C3820    RFQ
18748G-05      18748G-05      CORD ASSY,JUMPER REMOTE PTT  RFQ
18748G-14      18748G-14      CORD,POWER DC COMM 200        RFQ
18748G-19      18748G-19      CORD ASSY,POWER ENC BTRY PACK RFQ
18762G-01      18762G-01      Packaged as 18762G-02          RFQ
18762G-02      M-4            Replaced by 09168P-31          RFQ
18776G-01      U3802          HEADSET STATION,REMOTE   U3802 RFQ
18782G-01      18782G-01      PCB ASSEMBLY,U3800            RFQ
18782G-02      18782G-02      PCB ASSEMBLY,U3801            RFQ
18782G-06      18782G-06      PCB ASSEMBLY,U3811            RFQ
18782G-10      18782G-10      PCB ASSEMBLY,U3812            RFQ
18782G-28      18782G-28      PCB ASSEMBLY,U3815            RFQ
18782G-38      18782G-38      PCB ASSEMBLY,40380G-01        RFQ
18782G-44      18782G-44      PCB ASSEMBLY,40407G-03        RFQ
18782G-46      18782G-46      PCB ASSEMBLY,40444G-01        RFQ
18782G-77      18782G-77      PCB ASSEMBLY,40407G-05        RFQ
18782G-94      18782G-94      PCB ASSEMBLY,40296G-12        RFQ
18792G-01      18792G-01      COVER,SCREEN,WIND,MIC          RFQ
18792G-02      18792G-02      COVER,SCREEN,WIND,MIC W/NY TIE RFQ
18804G-01      18804G-01      Packaged as 18804G-02          RFQ
18804G-02      18804G-02      CORD KIT,PLUG,MIC,SHLD 13"    RFQ
18804G-06      18804G-06      CORD KIT,PLUG,MIC,SHLD 3 PIN RFQ
18804G-11      18804G-11      CORD KIT,PLUG,MIC,SHLD   15"  RFQ
18812G-01      18812G-01      BOOM SUBASSY,FLEX EXPO        RFQ
18812G-02      18812G-02      FLEX BOOM ASSY KIT 18783G-01 RFQ
18812G-03      18812G-03      BOOM SUBASSY,FLEX H3530      RFQ
18812G-04      18812G-04      BOOM SUBASSY,FLEX H7240      RFQ
18818G-01      18818G-01      CONNECTOR W/WIRES TB5M        RFQ
18825G-02      18825G-02      CORD ASSY,JACK,MIC,SHLD 12"  RFQ
18825G-10      18825G-10      CORD KIT,JACK,MIC,SHLD 12"    RFQ
18825G-12      18825G-12      CORD KIT,JACK,MIC,SHLD 5"      RFQ
18843G-01      U3803          JUNCTION MODULE,REMOTE   U3803 RFQ
18847G-01      18847G-01      HELMET,SUBASSY K SERIES      RFQ
18852G-01      K10            HELMET KIT             K10    RFQ
18866G-06      18866G-06      NECKBAND ASSEMBLY SINGLE TM-1 RFQ
18867G-01      18867G-01      CORD ASSY,SHLD,MIC,SH H7010,20 RFQ
18867G-04      18867G-04      CORD ASSY,SHLD,MIC,SH H3312,13 RFQ
18867G-05      18867G-05      CORD ASSY,SHLD,MIC,SH ADAPTER RFQ
18867G-08      18867G-08      Replaced by 18867G-01          RFQ
18867G-19      18867G-19      CORD ASSY,MIC SHIELD 41031G-01 RFQ
18868G-01      H3342          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H3342      RFQ
18868G-02      H3341          HEADSET-MICROPHONE H3341      RFQ
18874G-01      C31-26          CORD ASSY,EXT 26'     C31-26 RFQ
18874G-05      C31-15DG        CORD,EXT.15' COIL     C31-15DG RFQ
18874G-06      C31-26DG        CORD,EXT. 26' COIL   C31-26DG RFQ
18876G-01      18876G-01      KIT, Y CLAMP                  RFQ
18882G-03      18882G-03      THROAT MIC W/NECK BAND ASSY    RFQ
18882G-04      18882G-04      THROAT MIC W/NECKBAND ASSY    RFQ
18883G-01      C3402          CORD ASSY, JUMPER 2' C3402    RFQ
18884G-01      U3810          RADIO INTERFACE MODULE   U3810 RFQ
18887G-01      18887G-01      AMPL MODULE,TM SERIES 3000    RFQ
18900G-01      18900G-01      KIT,SCREW & NUT   3800 MODULES RFQ
18900G-02      18900G-02      SCREWS (10/PK) 9598P-98 C35-30 RFQ
18900G-03      18900G-03      NUT (10/PK) 09170P-17   C35-30 RFQ
18900G-04      18900G-04      KIT,GROMMET             U3410 RFQ
18900G-05      18900G-05      SEAL (10/PK) 09686P-15        RFQ
18900G-06      18900G-06      SCREWS (10/PK) 9459P-08 H10-80 RFQ
18900G-07      18900G-07      BUSHING (10/PK) 14873P-01      RFQ
18900G-08      18900G-08      GROMMET (4 EACH) 17165P-53    RFQ
18900G-09      18900G-09      SCREWS (10/PK)       09592P-07 RFQ
18900G-10      18900G-10      GROMMET (10/PK) 09361P-09      RFQ
18900G-21      18900G-21      SCREWS,SHLDR (10/PK) 09555P-36 RFQ
18900G-23      18900G-23      TERMINAL (10/PK)     09460P-46 RFQ
18900G-24      18900G-24      CLAMP,ELEC (10/PK)   09506P-14 RFQ
18900G-26      18900G-26      GROMMET (10/PK)     14875P-03 RFQ
18900G-27      18900G-27      SCREW,CONN (10/PK) 09555P-21 RFQ
18900G-28      18900G-28      WASHER,NPRN (10/PK) 17165P-53 RFQ
18900G-29      18900G-29      VOICE TUBE KIT,ACOUSTICAL STD RFQ
18900G-30      18900G-30      VOICE TUBE KIT,ACOUSTICAL LG RFQ
18900G-31      18900G-31      KIT,SIDETONE MODULE 18311G-04 RFQ
18900G-36      18900G-36      KNOB,SELF-LOCKING AVN   2/PKG RFQ
18900G-37      18900G-37      KIT,TEMPLE PAD ASSY (LW HDST) RFQ
18900G-38      18900G-38      KIT,FUSEHOLDER W/FUSE          RFQ
18900G-39      18900G-39      WASHER,FLAT (10/PK) 17165P-55 RFQ
18900G-40      18900G-40      WASHER,FLAT (10/PK) 17165P-62 RFQ
18900G-42      18900G-42      KIT,CONNECTOR W/ STRAIN RELIEF RFQ
18900G-45      18900G-45      HEADPAD ASSEMBLY   &nb