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EUROPEAN AVIATION SAFETY AGENCY ENAC - Ente Nazionale Aviazione CivileTuev Sued





The famous CASP family comprises the most sophisticated and versatile battery support instruments available for reconditioning, discharging (analyzing), charging and maintaining rechargeable batteries at the peak of their performance. As such, they are vital to the operation of aircraft systems such as avionic back-up systems, lights, emergency battery packs, communications gear and computers.

The 350W charging power CASP/2000, is one of the most sophisticated and versatile instrument available for reconditioning, analyzing, charging and maintaining rechargeable batteries at the peak of performance.

CASP/2000 is a state-of-the-art answer to the battery support problem.

The CASP family includes also an optional Discharger/Booster CDC-65 P/N 121482-001 NSN 6130-01-442-0289.

> CASP 2000DC P/N 121570-001

> CASP 2000H P/N 121379-002 NSN 6130-01-355-4056

> CASP 2000H (M) P/N 121379-004 NSN 6130-01-345-2177

> CASP 2000H (M) PP-8437/U) P/N 121754-001 NSN 6130-01-411-7735

> CASP 2000H (M) PP-8333/U) P/N 121644-001 NSN 6130-01-341-2073

> CASP 2000L P/N 121378-002 NSN 6130-01-299-7278


The 250W charging power CASP/1200, is a microprocessor-based precision instrument for maintaining any rechargeable battery at the peak of performance. Through the systematic use of CASP/1200, battery operated equipment becomes more reliable, safer, and far more cost effective.  CASP/1200 optimizes the effectiveness of batteries as a component of electronic systems.

> CASP 1200DC P/N 121495-001

> CASP 1200H P/N 121496-002 NSN 6130-01-446-3773

The 350W chargin power CASP/2500, provides automatic battery servicing functions for reconditioning NiCd batteries and charging and analyzing all rechargeable batteries. The CASP/2500 provides the same functionality and trusted performance as the CASP/2000, but with a new design and user friendly interface that make it exceptionally easy to use.

> PROEASE CASP 2500H P/N 121971-001 NSN 6130-01-523-8651 / NSN 6130-01-558-0924