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CAE is a helicopter flight simulation and training leader

CAE has delivered the largest number of high-end helicopter synthetic training devices than any other company, with more than 120 devices
fielded representing nine different manufacturers – AgustaWestland, Bell, Boeing, Eurocopter, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Kaman,
MD Helicopters, NH Industries, and Sikorsky. Within the CAE-owned and joint venture helicopter flight training operations (civil and military),
CAE offers for EU customers the Bell / AB 212 and Bell / AB 412 Full Flight Simulator in Stockholm-Arlanda.




Bell / AB 212 / 412 Simulator Specifications

Aircraft model: Bell 412SP convertible to 412HP and 212
Engine type: PT6T-3B, PT6T-3BE, PT6T-3B
Manufacturer: CAE, Canada
Computer: IBM 6000 model 591
Motion axis, type: 6 DOF Hydrostatic, separate 3 DOF vibration platform
Visual: MAXVUE™ Enhanced B, 210º/40º, 2 chin window displays
Performance: FAA level C. In all aspects equivalent to level D, except for the visual system, which is level C.
Date in service: March 1998
AP-F/D: Sperry
Misc. equipment/features: WXR (Bendix 1500B)
GPS Trimble 2101 I/O Approach Plus
FLIR (FLIR Syst. Inc./Safire)
Hover indicator (Racal Avionics)
NVG-compatible flight deck and visual system ITEMS
Smoke generator: Yes
Approval test guide: Yes
Video: Camera and recorder in the simulator, reviewing equipment in the briefing room
Visual databases: A standard gaming area, covering
N 58º 55’ to N 59º 40’,
E 090º 05’ to E 100º 50’
is available. The data base is intended for low level, day and night operation and contains objects such as islands, fjords, valleys,
mountains and a 3D “moving” ocean with various, selectable ship models. Alternative gaming areas can be made available after
separate agreement.
Customized, generic databases for all airports in the Jeppesen library can be developed after separate agreement.
Other databases can be made available after separate agreement.



Bell/AB 212/412 Helicopter Simulator Training